We help estate executors and family members honor their loved one’s wishes.

When a family must settle a loved one’s estate, the legal process is referred to as probate or estate administration. We understand the worry that probate matters may create legal and financial problems later. 

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Navigating the legal and financial responsibilities is a challenge, and family dynamics can add to the overwhelm. Many people have no idea what needs to be done and where to begin. Family members often feel that they cannot finish grieving while also trying to make sure the estate is done right.


We understand these feelings. It is stressful, and comes at a time when you are least able to deal with it.


The role of serving as the estate representative can feel like carrying a heavy weight. Our firm has helped many families resolve the estate issues and avoid pitfalls in the probate process.

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Whether your estate involves investment or retirement accounts, real estate, business interests or jointly held assets, we can help you reduce stress and avoid costly mistakes.


Although each estate is different, our clients often have common concerns about settling their loved one’s estate. Many people feel a sense of relief just knowing the timeline for what must be done and how long it will take. Below are some of the goals we help families accomplish for their estate matters.

Carry Out the Wishes of the Deceased

Many people leave a Will that states how the estate should be handled. But sometimes the Will is unclear, or perhaps there was no Will at all. We help families reach agreements about how the estate should be handled and avoid legal claims against the estate representative.

Stay Out of Legal and Financial Trouble 

Probate is complex and there are many ways to make mistakes. Estate representatives are held personally liable to beneficiaries, creditors and government agencies for any mistakes. We help you rest easy knowing that your estate will be closed without lingering worry.

Avoid Inheritance Tax Trouble

Pennsylvania has a complex inheritance tax law which the estate representative is required to file and pay. If the tax return is filed incorrectly (or not at all) the PA Department of Revenue will impose interest and penalties. We prepare and file your tax returns and help you claim all of the exemptions available to you.

Administer the Estate the Right Way

The last thing an executor wants is to face a lawsuit for improper estate administration. Executors can be held personally liable to creditors, disappointed beneficiaries and governmental entities over handling of estate property. We guide executors to avoid legal claims and obtain discharge at the conclusion of the estate.

Guidance for Trusts and Pour-Over Wills

Some people pass inheritance through a trust document. A trust can go into effect before death or can be created after death through a Will. Sometimes the trust terms are ambiguous, or issues arise with inheritance taxes, trust income taxes, and distributions to beneficiaries. We help trustees by ensuring the obligations are met and disputes are avoided when possible.

Orphans’ Court Petitions

Some legal issues can only be resolved by a judge. Executors must often obtain court approval to take a certain action, rectify a problem, or to close an estate. We represent executors for “remedial litigation” in Orphans’ Court. This means we file and litigate petitions in Orphans’ Court if necessary to ensure the estate is done right.


Mike is a great guy. He helped me when my father died. I was grieving so bad that I didn’t realize that I had to handle the business of my father’s house. When I called Attorney Mike, he gave me a sense of calm towards my legal issue. I am truly lucky to have discovered Mike. He is a blessing in my life. Thank you so much. I would highly recommended him.

Attorney Michael Daiello provided a high level of service during a lengthy case. His patience and skill in resolving this complicated estate matter was much appreciated.


Probate Pitfalls Avoided for Surviving Son

The passing of a loved one is very difficult for a family. Sometimes a loved one’s end-of-life phase is a long struggle for those who provided care and support during the aging process. Our beloved client found himself in that very situation with the care of his mother. Our client’s mother fought a long and difficult battle with cancer before her eventual passing. Both he and his siblings cared greatly for her wellbeing but were exhausted after a two-year struggle.

It was our client who stepped forward to handle the legal and financial issues for the family after the funeral. He knew that his mother had a Will, but the original was lost. The surviving beneficiaries also had many questions. Who would serve as the estate representative? What should be done with the residence and rental properties? Would the representative or beneficiaries have to go to court? How long would probate take?

Our client came to our office to gain clarity and direction for what to do next.


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Court Appearances Avoided for Family Members at Odds

Sometimes the most difficult part of probate is not the legal or financial issues but interacting with difficult family members. Long-held resentments between family members can surface as emotions run high after a loved one’s passing. When family members refuse to cooperate, or actively create delays, a legal case is one potential solution. But our client managed to avoid litigation when our office successfully navigated difficult family dynamics.

Our client was very close with his brother and became even closer to him in the years leading up to passing. The deceased brother lost his spouse several years earlier and had no children. Because the brother had no descendants, the three heirs to his estate was our client, a second brother and a niece. But it became apparent the probate process would be off to a rocky start when the niece refused to cooperate.


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As a probate attorney to estate executors, I help my clients settle estates efficiently and reduce stress. It is always better to avoid a costly mistake than it is to resolve a legal or tax problem due to improper estate or trust administration. I provide sound guidance so that you can avoid pitfalls and focus on what matters most.