Justice for Victims of Real Estate Theft

Real Estate Scams are a legal issue that no one wants to deal with. Theses scams can lead to individuals having their houses stolen right from under them. As a real estate law firm to residential and commercial property owners, we help avoid legal problems and resolve disputes. Read below to learn how justice was served for a family after their inheritance home was stolen by a fake investor.


Our firm obtained a judgment against a fake real estate investor who stole a house from the family of a deceased elderly man. Residents of South Philly know that even abandoned homes can be valuable investment properties. Unfortunately, an unscrupulous real estate “investor” discovered a property that was abandoned when an elderly resident passed away. The house was supposed to be the inheritance of the elderly man’s heirs.



The heirs were horrified to discover that the criminal “investor” filed a fraudulent deed which purported to transfer the property from the elderly man to the investor. There was just one problem. The elderly man had already passed away at the time the fraudulent deed was allegedly signed.