You don’t have to navigate the estate process alone. We help you reduce stress and avoid costly probate mistakes.

Our Probate Law Firm Provides Supportive Representation During an Overwhelming Time

The Pennsylvania Probate Law Firm helps our clients reduce stress and settle their loved one’s estate in a dignified way.

Our goal is to help the estate representative resolve the probate issues efficiently and avoid legal problems. We handle estates competently and provide peace of mind during a confusing time.

We know this is a difficult time. Our firm is focused on helping people in situations just like yours. 

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We are passionate about helping families overcome probate challenges. 

I started the Pennsylvania Probate Law Firm because I care about helping families resolve probate and property challenges after the passing of a loved one. My firm helps resolve complex situations even when some family members are uncooperative.

Grieving families should not be forced to focus on legal matters or arcane probate rules. Knowing that your probate matter is handled competently provides peace of mind. It is my mission to guide you through the legal issues and help you avoid costly and time consuming mistakes.


Estate Administration

The Pennsylvania Probate Law Firm has helped many families complete the estate process. Probate is the process of settling a loved one’s legal and financial affairs according to the law. We are here to walk you through probate and ensure your loved one’s estate is done right.

Many people leave a Will that states how the estate should be handled. Other people pass away with no Will. Although each estate is different, our clients often have common concerns. Many estates involve real estate which the family may wish to either keep or sell. Some estates have highly complex issues such as passing inheritance to a minor or where the loved one held a business interest.

We represent families with all types of estates. Our goal is to help reach agreements about how the estate should be handled and protect the estate representative from legal pitfalls.

Overcome Estate Property Roadblocks

Real estate is often the largest asset in a person’s estate. Estates that have real estate can complicate the probate process. Retitling of an estate property can be difficult, especially if multiple family members inherit the property. Some estate properties have title problems such as liens or mortgages which block a sale. Other properties may be occupied by someone who does not have a right to reside in the property.

We help resolve legal roadblocks that prevent the sale or retitling of an estate property. We aim to settle the issues amicably, but make use of tough litigation strategies when necessary. Our goal is to help estate representatives take full control of the estate property so the deceased’s wishes can be carried out.

We Will Guide You Through the Probate Process

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