As a probate attorney to estate executors, I help my clients settle estates efficiently and reduce stress. I started this law firm because I care about helping families resolve probate and property challenges after the passing of a loved one. My firm helps open opportunities to resolve difficult probate situations even when some family members are less than cooperative.

Families never dream of spending their time on legal matters or arcane probate rules. But knowing that your probate matter is handled competently provides peace of mind and allows you focus on what matters most. A great lawyer can guide you through the legal issues and help avoid costly mistakes.

Many times problems that lead to a lawsuit can be prevented. In the ideal world, disputes resolve quickly and never become a legal case. I help you anticipate potential issues and involve the input of all the heirs to maximize your chance of a smooth probate process.

If you wish to serve as an estate executor, please call us for a free evaluation at (215) 918-4242.  You may also email your question to us with the website form below.

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