It is completely normal to feel confused or overwhelmed after a loved one passes away.

Family members are often unprepared for handling the legal and financial responsibilities after a loss. The starting point to completing estate administration is to gain immediate direction.

As a probate attorney to estate executors, Michael Daiello helps settle estates efficiently and reduce stress.



When we represent our clients for probate matters, we handle the entire process. Our clients have less stress and are best able to manage family dynamics.

Estate Planning

Leaving an estate without planning can cause an overwhelming situation for the family. We create estate plans that distribute assets in an orderly manner and communicate clear intentions.

Estate Property Roadblocks

Estate properties are often entangled in legal problems that prevent a sale or transfer. We help resolve legal issues and clear title to estate properties.

Our practice focuses on Pennsylvania Probate Law

When a loved one passes away, we are there to help you navigate the probate process during a very difficult time. We accept cases in the southeastern Pennsylvania area and help family members who live out of state. We provide clarity each step of the way as we represent you for the entire probate process.


Each estate is different and each situation is unique. Sometimes even a normal probate matter can quickly become complex. Our practice is designed to help avoid delays by anticipating roadblocks before they arise. But no matter how complex your estate may be, we resolve all estate issues on your behalf.






Probate Process Resolved for Surviving Spouse

Case Study

It is never easy coming to terms with the passing of a beloved spouse, especially the major lifestyle changes and financial challenges.

The spouse’s grieving process itself takes time and energy to process. Unfortunately, the burden of dealing with the administration of the loved one’s estate becomes a pressing matter while still working through the grief. This was exactly the situation for a Pennsylvania client of ours who lost her husband in 2019.

Our client was faced with numerous complicated estate matters involving the deceased husband’s assets. Her husband was the owner of a successful business in Pennsylvania that remained profitable through the time of his passing. Because the husband was co-owner of the business with other individuals, our client was now tied into the business with his former partners. Additionally, the husband owned real estate in Pennsylvania in his sole name which he acquired long before the marriage. Although our client was now the rightful owner under his will, the property was occupied by distance relatives who refused to leave.


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Husband Leaves a Business Interest for Surviving Wife

Case Study

Our client was the surviving wife whose beloved husband passed without a Will. Her husband was a successful business owner who built his business from a small startup to an enterprise with many employees. His death came at a great surprise because he was always a vibrant man who passed well before his expected time. The sudden shock and trauma of the loss combined with the lack of a Will created an overwhelming situation. His wife and family were now faced with a confusing probate and business succession situation.

The surviving wife came to us with limited experience with her husband’s business matters. Although the couple went through life together as the business was built, she was generally unfamiliar with the details of the business. She knew and trusted her husband’s business partners but was unsure what her rights were in the business.

The first step was to bring clarity to our client’s legal situation.


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Mike is a great guy. He helped me when my father died. I was grieving so bad that I didn’t realize that I had to handle the business of my father’s house. When I called Attorney Mike, he gave me a sense of calm towards my legal issue. I am truly lucky to have discovered Mike. He is a blessing in my life. Thank you so much. I would highly recommended him.

Attorney Michael Daiello provided a high level of service during a lengthy case. His patience and skill in resolving this complicated estate matter was much appreciated.

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As a probate attorney to estate executors, I help my clients settle estates efficiently and reduce stress. It is always better to avoid a costly mistake than it is to resolve a legal or tax problem due to improper estate or trust administration. I provide sound guidance so that you can avoid pitfalls and focus on what matters most.